The Smell of Mango

The Smell of Mango - El Olor del Mango

8 min - Narrative Short film Drama


The Smell of mango provokes a journey of nostalgia in Dolores, a Colombian immigrant in Canada, lost in-between times and spaces, expecting a baby while coping with her mother's inevitable passing.


Dolores is an illegal immigrant from Colombia who decided her dreams would come true in Canada, where she works as a janitor. Her mother's voice breaks the silence of her daily life through phone calls. When Dolores realizes she cannot help eating mangoes, she discovers she is pregnant and finds out Soledad is dying. While the seed of a new life is sprouting in Canada, Dolores’s roots become ethereal. Going back is a one-way trip, and the desire to have a Canadian baby keeps her from going through with it. Dolores learns there are other ways to listen to her mother's voice other than hearing it.

Director's Statement

The Smell of Mango is the longing of being away from one's roots. Written by two immigrants during a critical moment of the pandemic, the film echoed longing and loneliness, feelings permeating the endless isolation we experienced. What if we couldn't see our mothers again? That question guided the world-building of The Smell of Mango, the atmosphere of magical realism resembling hope, and also surrounding an immigrant with a sense of belonging. Through music, mother and daughter solidify the bond that defies space and time.

Cast & Crew

  • Martina Castillo as Dolores
  • Andrea Avila as Soledad
  • Director - Andressa Back
  • Writers - Martin Restrepo & Andressa Back
  • Producers - Martin Restrepo & Andressa Back
  • Picture Editor - Emilie Peloso
  • Director of Photography - Ibnul Sarker
  • Production Design - Alex Morris
  • Sound Editor - Katie Pagacz
  • Composer - Marcelo Rossas
  • Casting - Carolyn Dadd
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