Cartography of a Woman

Cartography of a Woman

14 min - Narrative Short film Drama


A woman must invent her boundaries to find a place where she is not a territory to be conquered.


Cartography of a Woman maps one day of Bianca's journey. A Brazilian immigrant living in Canada, she is trapped in an unhappy marriage to Daniel. While he is waiting for the permanent residency approval to own a house and start a family, she is unsure of his self-centred plans. Looking for an opportunity to quit the night shifts as a janitor, Bianca comes across a job interview with Julian, a thriving urban planner who has the power to open the doors to a whole new world for her. Dealing with Daniel and Julian invading her boundaries and trying to control her, Bianca must fend for herself. Collapsing between who she was and who she is becoming, Bianca learns what it means to be a woman.

Director's Statement

Cartography of a Woman resonates with the peculiarities of being a woman immigrant in Canada. Representing women as a territory to defend, affected by power dynamics, the film presents someone trying to rewrite her life once her identity seems lost. As an immigrant myself, I wanted to echo the experiences of the immigrants I met, women of colour on the edge of invisibility but filled with dreams and expectations about a new life. Cartography highlights those who aren't seen, and I hope it reaches people everywhere so they aren't alone in this globalized and uprooted world.

Cast & Crew

  • Clarice EspĂ­ndola as Bianca Negreiros
  • Daniel Christian Jones as Julian Boucher
  • Victor Fontoura as Daniel Negreiros
  • Writer & Director - Andressa Back
  • Producers - Martin Restrepo & Raine Lundy
  • Picture Editor - Emilie Peloso
  • Director of Photography - Taylor King
  • Production Design - Alex Buckenroth & Aly Von Boetticher
  • Sound Editor - Katie Pagacz
  • Composer - Marcelo Rossas
  • Casting - Anna Vagabova
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01 Award
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5 Nominations
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News & Updates

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    Cartography of a Woman - Awards

    May 27, 2022

    Andressa Back wins the Best Direction award at Sheridan Screen Arts Awards 2022.

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    Cartography of a Woman - Nominations

    May 13, 2022

    Cartography of a Woman receives five nominations: Best Narrative Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Production Design. Sheridan Screen Arts Awards 2022.

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    November, 2021

    The cartography team creates a Kickstarter campaign, and with the help of 68 backers, they reach the pledged CA$ 6,400 to help bring the project to life. The campaign receives the "Project We Love" signature as an excellent investment project.